Operating an online store could not be easier with ECH Shoppe Creator!!!

Our ECH Shoppe Creator is a Content Management System (CMS) with built in Catalog. Easy built-in web-based administrative panel you can step-up your store without HTML knowledge. Managing your site is a breeze! We integrate your catalog with the free Mals-E Commerce shopping cart system. Shoppe Creator can be used with non-ecommerce sites!

  • Contact Form
  • Event Calendar
  • Web Links
  • Guest Book
  • Articles
  • FAQ Creator
  • Gift Registry
  • Site Search
  • Price Search
  • Wholesale Section
  • Froogle feed
  • Affiliates program
  • Order tracking
  • Print Catalog
  • Pop Up Pages
  • Featured items
  • Sale items
  • Sales Reports
  • Inventory control **
  • Tell a Friend
  • Print packing slip
  • Coupons
  • Global Updates
  • Site backup

  • Integrates seamlessly with the standard free Mals-E.
  • Unlimited categories, products and options
  • Categories can have subcategories,organized in the administration area
  • Sale, Out of Stock and Inactive status capabilities for your products
  • Advanced search capabilities (keyword,category, price range)
  • Unlimited options with attributes (ex.color, size) can be added for each item
  • Password reminder emails
  • Each item can be assigned up to five categories
  • Add searchable product keywords that do not show on the catalog page
  • Inventory control features**
  • Search engine compatible
  • Setup & installation is a one-time fee

CMS: Content Management System Features
  • Allows you to add unlimited pages
  • Allows you to make changes to existing pages
  • Provides a WYSIWYG web editor for the page system*
    web editor compatible with most browsers

Additional Features:
  • Password protected web-bases administration area.
  • Upload images right in the administration area - no FTP needed
  • Page grouping allows you to set different page groups in different areas of the site - allow clients to change groups if desired.
  • Database backup is included in the administration area - no need to access php My Admin.

Payment Options:
  • Includes Paypal, credit card, check or money order.
  • You can upgrade your Mal's Free account to a Premium account to have credit cards processed automatically. (Mal's Premium account $8.00 US per month with 10% discount for those who wish to pay on an annualbasis)
  • For additional information on Mal'sE-commerce --- http://mals-e.com
Paypal Users: For remote call to your site, you will need a Paypal business account. You can use standard Paypal account but your inventory control, order logs and sales on your site admin will not be automatically updated.

*Safari browser does not work with our editor. We suggest that you download and install Firefox for Mac.

**The ECH Shoppe Creator system's inventory control system decreases inventory automatically, if set up properly. It will also discourage a customer from ordering more than is available.

Because the system uses a third party cart in Mals, we cannot guarantee that a customer will not try to change the quantity within Mals or otherwise try to order more than is available.